"It's Not where you've been, It's where you are that matters"

Tom Bivins brings a dynamic energy of creativity to the world.

A masterful artist, potter, designer, and in-demand teacher, Tom excels at finding solutions to complex problems by thinking outside the box. His diverse pursuits and accomplishments have equipped him with a positive energy that drives him to reinvent himself constantly: he eagerly embraces innovation and applies his forever-forward-thinking mindset to every new endeavor. 

Tom possesses an adventurer’s soul and draws on his skills as a river-running, fly-fishing, skiing “mountain freak” to make life as stress-free as possible.

When challenges arise, Tom knows failure is not an option, and by maximizing the resources available to us, we’re always able to realize a beneficial outcome. 

Tom loves to say, “It’s not where you’ve been, it’s where you are that matters,” and Tom wants nothing more than to make “where you are” the happiest place you’ve ever been.


Unleashing Authentic Creativity: Empowering You to Craft Your Happiest Place.


To make where you are the happiest place to be.


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